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Strong Deaf Women - L'oeil et la main


Sandrine Herman, under the eye of director Louis Neethling , a native of South Africa, is interested in the condition of deaf women in the Rainbow Nation, twenty years after the end of apartheid . What are their experiences during the political upheaval and what roles have they played in the social transformation?


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An Englishman in Paris  - L'oeil et la main


Britain and France have a Love-Hate relationship and we only have to look at Hundred Years’ War to know this has been going on for a very long time! But that chapter of French (or British) history is not necessarily well-known by the French (and British) deaf community. So, we gave ‘carte blanche’ to Louis Neethling, a British deaf director , to make a film of his journey into all things French...  How does he view France and the French? Could it be that these mutual historic prejudices between these friendly enemies – are diluted by a common understanding of sign language?​


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Director/Writer: Louis Neethling | Producer: Sandrine Herman/Alexandra Masbou | Point du Jour - 27 min France 5 

Louis Neethling


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