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History of Deaf Education - Documentary



From early sign-language schools to the 1880 Milan conference.

The first part of a documentary telling the story of 400 years of Deaf education in the UK. Starting with Thomas Braidwood’s methods, which were part of what is described as the golden age for sign language education from 1792 to the 1860s, we find out how increasing tension in Europe about teaching methods led to the 1880 Milan conference, where a policy of oralism was adopted. But even after technology came in, and sign language was banned from the classroom, Deaf children continued to sign in the playground. Presented by Louise Harte.


To watch the documentary, click here


To watch the second part of this documentary, click here.


Director: Louis Neethling | Producer: Sarah Tavner | Remark! - 25 min BSLBT

Louis Neethling


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